Community Band



As an adjunct to the “Music in the School” program, an adult/student band has been formed to serve as an incubator group for young students studying instruments.  This group has been meeting weekly, during the school term, for over a year.  Three of our more advanced school students join adults to play and to enjoy the fun of making music together.

As beginning students progress, they will gradually be integrated into the “Band/Orchestra”.  It is our hope that this process will be an encouragement to other elementary students to learn to play and instrument and to join us.

Average attendance at the rehearsals ranges from 12-15, but there have been over twenty adults who have come from time to time.  The adults in the group, while fully dedicated to the concept of being mentors for young people, will be quick to admit that they are having a wonderful time themselves.  Some have taken up the instruments which had lain unused for fifty or sixty years.

The message is, they believe, that music education is good for a lifetime, and they bless the teachers who, long ago, introduced them to the joy of making music.